Coronavirus Statement
The impact of the Coronavirus epidemic on the bowls programme of the Home Counties Bowls Association, was addressed in a set of recommendations circulated to the eight member Counties on the 19th March 2020. Based on the feedback the following DECISIONS for the HCBA 2020 and 2021 programmes have been promulgated.

1. The Senior and Junior Leagues will be cancelled for the 2020 season.

The DRAW and ORDER OF PLAY agreed for 2020 to apply for the competitions in 2021.

The dates for the Senior Competitions to be the Saturdays of the same standard weeks as 2020.

2. This year’s Championships (based on 2019 County Champions) planned for 10th May to be cancelled.

The proposal that the players be invited to take part in a delayed event in May 2021 to be discussed at the Management Meeting to be held on October 19th 2020.

3. Representative Matches:

ALL Representative matches to be cancelled this year.

All of this year’s Celebratory matches will be honoured on new dates in 2021 if the clubs/Counties wish to do so.

The Annual Matches will be re-diaried for 2021.

Management of the HCBA

The Chairmanship of the HCBA will remain with myself until Eddie Long (Kent) takes over at the 2021 (8th March 2021), and all currently elected Officers will remain in post, until that date also.
The decisions reflect the majority view our members, and on a positive note, all the responses put an emphasis on looking forward to “A Clean Slate” in 2021, when we can return to Bowls. All of you are, I am sure, working hard within your own Counties to stabilise the sport, and may I wish you well as you do so. Finally, while tackling the unique challenges presented by Coronavirus, please make sure you keep safe yourselves to return fortified for the 2021 Season.


John Lonergan Chairman HCBA