1. All Counties entered for the Under 25s League will play each other in league matches, home or away, in alternate years. Games will be of THREE fours of 21 ends and shall be played on Sundays, on dates previously agreed by the Counties.(N.B. for the 2021 season, games will be of THREE TRIPLES, three bowls per player, 18 ends). Venues for matches shall be chosen so as to attempt to avoid undue travelling difficulties for the opponent. All matches shall be completed by September 30th.
  2. All players shall be members of Clubs affiliated to their County Association and shall not have attained their 25th birthday on April 1st in the year of competition.
  3. Each County shall provide a written Team Sheet for the opposing County prior to the commencement of the match.
  4. The method of scoring shall be by the award of points as follows: 
  • 4 points for an overall win.
  • 2 points for an overall draw. 
  • 2 points for each winning four.
  • 1 point for each drawn four.
  1. The home County shall be responsible for the provision of the green and for the services of an Umpire.
  2. In the event of adverse climatic conditions and subject to the agreement of the two Captains, or Team Managers, or on appeal to the Umpire, if a total of 30 ends or more have been competed, then the actual score at the time of termination of the game shall stand as the result. If less than 30 ends have been completed then each County shall be awarded 5 points.
  3. In the event of a County being unable to field 11(9 in 2021) players at the appointed starting time for the match, then the County shall forfeit the match, and 10 points and 15 shots shall be awarded to the opponents.              (Not applicable in 2021) Any team having only 11 players and therefore being one short for the rink game, the 3 available may play. Lead and two shall bowl three woods each and the rink will lose 10 points.
  4. Players who fail to appear punctually at the time appointed for the match shall be disqualified unless, in the opinion of the Umpire, there is a reasonable explanation for the delay.
  5. Results of matches: The Home Team representative is responsible for sending the Result Card to the Association Competition Secretary by email within 24 hours of the match.
  6. The League Winners shall receive the Millennium Junior Trophy (presented by Bill Hatto).
  7. Any matter arising and not covered in these rules shall be referred to the Management Council  whose decision shall be final.

Amended, 2021