In the absence of the Home Counties Chairman Ross Clifton (Sussex) the Association secretary David Todd (Middlesex) welcomed Eastern Counties President Charles Frederick and his team to Chesham BC for this seasons annual fixture.

Heavy cloud and rain welcomed the players on their arrival but thankfully, and much to the players relief, it stopped prior to the start and it stayed away for the duration of the match.

Yet again, for the second game running (there has only been two so far this season) one of the Home Counties teams were noticeable by their non-arrival. This time it was Kent.

Needless to say, the Eastern Counties rink that had to sit out were not amused.
Regardless of no Chairman and a missing rink, secretary Todd took control and led the Home Counties side to a 124 – 111 win; a thirteen shot win of which 16 were provided by Wayne Manley's "Royal County of Berkshire" Top rink who won 29-13.
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